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Missing in action for a long time it seems.  Too much Christmas crafting, crazyness at work, fun with my guys and such has left little time for much else.  We went and let Monkey pick out the Christmas tree over the weekend and he was quite proud of himself having picked and decorated it all (most of the ornaments are at about 2.5yr old height and neither DH or I are wanting to move them) he did such a great job.  This will be the first year he understands the holiday, thanks in part to daycare, as he keeps asking when Santa is coming.

The other weekend we took him to the toy store to pick out some things for Toy Mountain which he really seemed to enjoy. We explained to him why we were getting presents for other kids and even though I donèt thing he fully understands at least we know weère planting the seeds of charity in him.  He was also quite happy to give all the monies, as he calls them, from my wallet to the lady at the grocery store collecting for the Salvation Army.

 I am sneaking this post in while the baby sleeps, my birthday present from DH was a trip to visit my brother and sister in law and their 6m old wonderbaby L.  He is napping like an angel at the moment. This is really making me want to have another baby….

Just a little welcome note to say thanks for stopping by.  It’s been a long time since I blogged, for many reasons, and I felt it’s time for a fresh start hence the move.  Hopefully I’ll get my little home here all set up over the next few weeks and hope to see you all here soon.