Despite the fact that I feel like a big pile of garbage today, I called in sick, I do have happy knitting news.  The fair isle yoke pulli is finally done and resting after it’s bath.  After many many rippings and reworkings I’m really pleased with how it’s come out; despite the frustration it caused at the time all the revisions really make it look polished.  As of last night the sleeves and the body were still about an inch shorter than I would have liked but I easily blocked a bit of length into them today.  fair isle yoke

I love how the cuffs and the bottom ribbing came out as well


I’m about half way through the second sleeve on the York pullover, the pattern is for a cardi but I’m altering it a fair bit.  The back is done and I’ll decide how I’m going to tackle the front when I get there.  I’m splicing all over the place to make the two sleeves match and I’ll probably do the same so that the front is similar to the back as well.