This past week off work I’ve been busting my arse to get everything uploaded to Ravelry, yarns, projects and all the other knitting related crap that’s been accumulating around here.  Let me tell ya it’s been quite the job and more revealing than I had really intended it to be.

The stash, oh the stash.  I can’t really describe the stash management system I was employing before unless of course chaos qualifies as a system.  I have so much stuff that I’m sure I bought for some specific purpose that escapes me right now that it’s totally out of hand.  The most difficult thing was getting everything together enough to photograph and catologue it.  I have so many partial balls of stuff that had to be detangled, wound, identified and such it’s taken me all week just to get all that done.  I frogged a few long deserted projects that I knew were never going to find any sort of life in their current incarnations and reclaimed a bunch of yarn (as an aside, someone please slap me next time I’m caught trying to frog eight skeins of Silk Garden in order to preserve my sanity).  Now the plan is to peruse Ravelry and assign new projects to everything.

 I’m actually thinking that I’ll go on a yarn diet until January so I can get through some of this.  I had to buy some kitchen cotton on wednesday though when Monkey destroyed the skeins at the shop though but I have knit him  a washcloth with one of them already so that’s not so bad I guess.  I banged off a hat for him out of stash yarn this week too.  I do need to do a bit of smaller and one skein projects as I’ve got so many lone balls in the stash.  I figure if I work through some of what I’ve got I can do a bit of a shop in Jan and not feel so guilty about it.

In other news I picked the long forgotten Central Park Hoodie back up from it’s vacation among the stash and knit on the buttonbands which were the only thing preventing this from having been complete back in March.  I put the buttons on at SnB on Wednesday and it’s finally done.  I love the fit and the colour.  The yarn is scratchy, I used the reccomended Tahki Donegal Tweed, but it’s not like I’ll be wearing it without a top underneath so I’m not overly bothered.  It’s really warm so it’ll probably get a lot of wear as a fall coat.