I just cast off the Central Park Hoodie, I love how it came out!  I still have two or three ends to weave in and the buttons to tack on properly but it’s finally finished.  Seeing the UFO listed at the top of my Ravelry notebook each day can sure guilt you into getting the lead out and finishing stuff up.  It’ll be a nice extra layer for the fall and winter.  The yarn isn’t as soft as I’d like but as it’s a cardi it’s not like I won’t be wearing something under it anyway so it doesn’t matter so much.  I’ll try to get someone to take a proper pic of it at Knit Nite on Wednesday.  Now back to the FIY and SotS.

Seeing as how I’m wearing a warm sweater I’ve turned off the heat in the appartment.  Today is Blog Action Day and I agree with so many others that it’s time to do something about the environment, the tiniest little bit we can do when compounded will make a larg difference.  Just being in Toronto this past month is more than proof to me that global climate change is happening; I can’t ever remember October being so warm.  The weather overall these past few years can only be called strange and there’s so much we can and should do. 

Since Monkey was born I’ve looked at everything I do a little differently and the environment is no different, we are creating the world we’re leaving to our children.  So all you knitters out there go put on one of your wonderful handcrafted sweaters and turn down the heat on our planet.