In more ways than one that title has defined this project for me.  The Central Park Hoodie and I started our journey together way back at the beginning of March and was done all but the buttonbands by the end of that month.  Then I had a hard time with picking up and knitting all those stitches around the body and hood for the bands (which devolved into some rather unladylike behavior and one cardi flying accross the living room). I ended up giving the cardi about a six month time out to think about what it had done. 

Being so close and yet so far with the FIY sweater I wanted to finally have some sort of FO, the first one in what seems like ages.  In getting everything organized and photographed for Ravelry I decided to pull it out and give it another try.  Got it right on the first try and now I’m up to the buttonhole row so this should be done either today or tomorrow.  I spent a good hour digging around to find the buttons I’d bought way back when (needed to know how many so I can make that many holes) and now I’m cruising which is good because it’s getting to be sweater weather.

 As hubby is away this week I’m taking the opportunity to get some of my WIPs/UFO’s sorted so I can treat myself to casting on something new on the weekend!