I finally got the neckline almost right last night but it took me three tries to get the bind off loose enough to get the sweater over my head.   The ribbing rides about a round or two too high at my throat and I’m trying to decide wether I can live with that or not. 

 For now I’m working on the body ribbing.  I was planning on doing just plain 2×2 in the main body colour but thought I’d pull some more colour in to balance out the yoke a bit so I’m trying some currogated ribbing.  The first attempt I made the knits the MC and the purls the CC but the transitions in the CCs was looking odd so I’ve ripped it and am doing it the opposite way.  I’m going to use all four contrast colours I think.  Once I see how it looks on the body I’ll decide what to do with the sleeves.  Of course that also means I’ll probably be ripping out the neck ribbing anyway so they all match.

 Despite the fact that it’s been 39C here today with the humidex I’ve also gotten a bunch done on hubby’s hunt camp quilt.   Pics to come tomorrow when it’s finally done.