Missing in action for a long time it seems.  Too much Christmas crafting, crazyness at work, fun with my guys and such has left little time for much else.  We went and let Monkey pick out the Christmas tree over the weekend and he was quite proud of himself having picked and decorated it all (most of the ornaments are at about 2.5yr old height and neither DH or I are wanting to move them) he did such a great job.  This will be the first year he understands the holiday, thanks in part to daycare, as he keeps asking when Santa is coming.

The other weekend we took him to the toy store to pick out some things for Toy Mountain which he really seemed to enjoy. We explained to him why we were getting presents for other kids and even though I donèt thing he fully understands at least we know weère planting the seeds of charity in him.  He was also quite happy to give all the monies, as he calls them, from my wallet to the lady at the grocery store collecting for the Salvation Army.

 I am sneaking this post in while the baby sleeps, my birthday present from DH was a trip to visit my brother and sister in law and their 6m old wonderbaby L.  He is napping like an angel at the moment. This is really making me want to have another baby….

Despite the fact that I feel like a big pile of garbage today, I called in sick, I do have happy knitting news.  The fair isle yoke pulli is finally done and resting after it’s bath.  After many many rippings and reworkings I’m really pleased with how it’s come out; despite the frustration it caused at the time all the revisions really make it look polished.  As of last night the sleeves and the body were still about an inch shorter than I would have liked but I easily blocked a bit of length into them today.  fair isle yoke

I love how the cuffs and the bottom ribbing came out as well


I’m about half way through the second sleeve on the York pullover, the pattern is for a cardi but I’m altering it a fair bit.  The back is done and I’ll decide how I’m going to tackle the front when I get there.  I’m splicing all over the place to make the two sleeves match and I’ll probably do the same so that the front is similar to the back as well.

Ugh, seems like all the larger projects I’m working on right now are going nowhere fast.  The fair isle yoke is at the slow and tedious point of just needing the currogated rib cuffs knit, now that the neckline has been ripped for what seems like the twenty fifth time and is at long last big enough to get over my fat head.  The York not-so-cardi has a back and one sleeve but all the spit splicing to get the colour changes to match up are making the second sleeve slow work.  Knit two rows, find next colour from among the nine or so partial balls of SG, join the yarn, knit two rows….  I suppose I can’t really complain about this too much as it’s my own neurosis over matchymatchyness that got me into this mess in the first place.

 Anyway, I needed to feel like something was getting finished so I’ve been knitting some smaller things to keep the FO love going.  Monkey got a Zeebee hat to match his coat and last years mitts (which also may need replacing) which knit up in an evening.  It’s such a great knit and I’m intending to make a few more with odds and ends as they’ll make good charity projects.  Since this photo was taken I’ve picked up and knit on some ear flaps and i-cord ties so it covers his ears a little better.  It took just over half a skein of nature Wool Bulky so there’s probably enough left for a neckwarmer too.  markus's zeebee

Monkey now has some new washup cloths too, three balls of discloth cotton he pulled apart at LK are now a sailboat cloth, an apple cloth and a moose cloth for bathtime.  I have  a few more balls of kitchen cotton that have been languishing in the stash for a while (cough cough, years) so I may knit those up for him too.

This past week off work I’ve been busting my arse to get everything uploaded to Ravelry, yarns, projects and all the other knitting related crap that’s been accumulating around here.  Let me tell ya it’s been quite the job and more revealing than I had really intended it to be.

The stash, oh the stash.  I can’t really describe the stash management system I was employing before unless of course chaos qualifies as a system.  I have so much stuff that I’m sure I bought for some specific purpose that escapes me right now that it’s totally out of hand.  The most difficult thing was getting everything together enough to photograph and catologue it.  I have so many partial balls of stuff that had to be detangled, wound, identified and such it’s taken me all week just to get all that done.  I frogged a few long deserted projects that I knew were never going to find any sort of life in their current incarnations and reclaimed a bunch of yarn (as an aside, someone please slap me next time I’m caught trying to frog eight skeins of Silk Garden in order to preserve my sanity).  Now the plan is to peruse Ravelry and assign new projects to everything.

 I’m actually thinking that I’ll go on a yarn diet until January so I can get through some of this.  I had to buy some kitchen cotton on wednesday though when Monkey destroyed the skeins at the shop though but I have knit him  a washcloth with one of them already so that’s not so bad I guess.  I banged off a hat for him out of stash yarn this week too.  I do need to do a bit of smaller and one skein projects as I’ve got so many lone balls in the stash.  I figure if I work through some of what I’ve got I can do a bit of a shop in Jan and not feel so guilty about it.

In other news I picked the long forgotten Central Park Hoodie back up from it’s vacation among the stash and knit on the buttonbands which were the only thing preventing this from having been complete back in March.  I put the buttons on at SnB on Wednesday and it’s finally done.  I love the fit and the colour.  The yarn is scratchy, I used the reccomended Tahki Donegal Tweed, but it’s not like I’ll be wearing it without a top underneath so I’m not overly bothered.  It’s really warm so it’ll probably get a lot of wear as a fall coat.

I just cast off the Central Park Hoodie, I love how it came out!  I still have two or three ends to weave in and the buttons to tack on properly but it’s finally finished.  Seeing the UFO listed at the top of my Ravelry notebook each day can sure guilt you into getting the lead out and finishing stuff up.  It’ll be a nice extra layer for the fall and winter.  The yarn isn’t as soft as I’d like but as it’s a cardi it’s not like I won’t be wearing something under it anyway so it doesn’t matter so much.  I’ll try to get someone to take a proper pic of it at Knit Nite on Wednesday.  Now back to the FIY and SotS.

Seeing as how I’m wearing a warm sweater I’ve turned off the heat in the appartment.  Today is Blog Action Day and I agree with so many others that it’s time to do something about the environment, the tiniest little bit we can do when compounded will make a larg difference.  Just being in Toronto this past month is more than proof to me that global climate change is happening; I can’t ever remember October being so warm.  The weather overall these past few years can only be called strange and there’s so much we can and should do. 

Since Monkey was born I’ve looked at everything I do a little differently and the environment is no different, we are creating the world we’re leaving to our children.  So all you knitters out there go put on one of your wonderful handcrafted sweaters and turn down the heat on our planet.

In more ways than one that title has defined this project for me.  The Central Park Hoodie and I started our journey together way back at the beginning of March and was done all but the buttonbands by the end of that month.  Then I had a hard time with picking up and knitting all those stitches around the body and hood for the bands (which devolved into some rather unladylike behavior and one cardi flying accross the living room). I ended up giving the cardi about a six month time out to think about what it had done. 

Being so close and yet so far with the FIY sweater I wanted to finally have some sort of FO, the first one in what seems like ages.  In getting everything organized and photographed for Ravelry I decided to pull it out and give it another try.  Got it right on the first try and now I’m up to the buttonhole row so this should be done either today or tomorrow.  I spent a good hour digging around to find the buttons I’d bought way back when (needed to know how many so I can make that many holes) and now I’m cruising which is good because it’s getting to be sweater weather.

 As hubby is away this week I’m taking the opportunity to get some of my WIPs/UFO’s sorted so I can treat myself to casting on something new on the weekend!

I finally got the neckline almost right last night but it took me three tries to get the bind off loose enough to get the sweater over my head.   The ribbing rides about a round or two too high at my throat and I’m trying to decide wether I can live with that or not. 

 For now I’m working on the body ribbing.  I was planning on doing just plain 2×2 in the main body colour but thought I’d pull some more colour in to balance out the yoke a bit so I’m trying some currogated ribbing.  The first attempt I made the knits the MC and the purls the CC but the transitions in the CCs was looking odd so I’ve ripped it and am doing it the opposite way.  I’m going to use all four contrast colours I think.  Once I see how it looks on the body I’ll decide what to do with the sleeves.  Of course that also means I’ll probably be ripping out the neck ribbing anyway so they all match.

 Despite the fact that it’s been 39C here today with the humidex I’ve also gotten a bunch done on hubby’s hunt camp quilt.   Pics to come tomorrow when it’s finally done.

finished yoke

I finally finished the third colourwork pattern on the fair isle yoke sweater last night, the last chart was super fiddly with colour changes every round but I wanted it done.  So I took it off the needles onto some waste yarn and tried it on… with all three colour patterns the neck comes up way too high and I had only knit one round of ribbing.  So this morning I ran a lifeline around about half way through the last chart and yanked back a ways to try the neck again.  I’ve done the last decrease round and I’m working on the ribbing so I’ll have to try it on again soon and see how it fits this time.

 Just trying it on for a few minutes last night I can tell that this is going to be a super warm sweater for the winter.  Everything except for the neckline fits really well right now and I’ll keep trying it on as I knit the rib down on the body and sleeves so they come out to a good length.  Right now it looks like I’ll have enough of the body colour for the ribbing, fingers crossed for that.  I’ll probably end up knitting a matching hat and mitts or something to use up all the ends of balls of the contrast colours.

so many ends 

The worst thing about this whole thing is that I’ve not been dealing with the ends as I go so there’s a whole mess of them that are going to need to be taken care of all at once.  At least they’ll be easy to hide with all the floats.  The yoke is pretty smooth so my colourwork is obviously getting better, there are some puckers here and there but it’s mostly from the decrease rounds and from trying to deal with the jog at the ends of rounds which shouldn’t be too hard to block out.

Just a little welcome note to say thanks for stopping by.  It’s been a long time since I blogged, for many reasons, and I felt it’s time for a fresh start hence the move.  Hopefully I’ll get my little home here all set up over the next few weeks and hope to see you all here soon.